Craniosacral Therapy and Osteopathy in Vermont

Cynthia Beyersdorff

Cynthia Beyersdorff was trained in Biodynamic Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy in both Europe and America.

Cynthia Beyersdorff's Biography

Hawaii – Boston – Germany – Vermont

Cynthia Beyersdorff was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. After completing her Bachelor’s degree at Boston College, she moved to Munich, Germany to do a Masters degree in philosophy and psychology. After completing her M.A, she studied film directing at the Munich School of Film and Television. Upon completion of these studies, she worked for years in children’s television and documentary film. A car crash would become a pivotal point in her life. During her recovery, she was treated for over six months with osteopathic and craniosacral techniques. This experience taught her how powerful Craniosacral Therapy and Osteopathy are  for both trauma and injury.



From Filmmaker to European Osteopath & Craniosacral Therapist

This experience together with Cynthia Beyersdorff’s deep interest in natural healing, led her to embark upon an educational journey to become a therapist herself. She studied naturopathic healing at the Munich School of Naturopathy and later specialized in Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy. She has received training from the Upledger Institute and the Barral Institute and completed a 5-year program in Osteopathy at the Institute of Osteopathy in Munich, Germany.



Trained and Mentored in Europe and USA

After this extensive training, she went on to complete a two-year postgraduate course in pediatric Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Academy of Munich, Germany. She has attended numerous postgraduate courses in Biodynamic and Traditional Osteopathy in Ashland, Oregon and been mentored by Rabbi Moshe Kastiel and the world renowned Osteopath Dr. James Jealous D.O.


Cynthia Beyersdorff's Mission

Cynthia Beyersdorff is committed to serving clients in Vermont and the Greater New England area with all of the knowledge and osteopathic experience she has garnered the past 15 years treating patients in Munich, Germany.


Cynthia does not simply treat symptoms, she looks for the cause of her patient’s pain or illness and treats it using gentle touch methods which she has learned from her mentor Dr. James Jealous D.O., the Upledger Institute, the Barral Institute, Rabbi Moshe Kastiel and many more venerable teachers whom she has been blessed to have met and trained under throughout the years.


Cynthia Beyersdorff is committed to high quality biodynamic osteopathic and craniosacral treatment with lasting results.

Cynthia Beyersdorff's Philosophy

The issues which lead to an illness are often very complex. For this reason, Cynthia Beyersdorff believes that it is paramount to truly listen to her patients. By listening, the cause of illness becomes apparent and can be treated effectively and gently.


Cynthia believes that a therapist should intervene during treatment as little as possible. This gentle approach prevents the body from building up resistance to the therapeutic intervention. During a biodynamic osteopathic or craniosacral treatment, Cynthia follows the body’s inherent motion and treats the cause of illness through gentle touch osteopathic techniques.


Her treatments are never painful or intrusive, but still, deep and lasting.

“Do something different...
Behave in a new manner
Rest from your self.
Turn left when you feel to turn right
...just once
...what happens.”

James Jealous D.O.

Founder of Biodynamic Osteopathy