Craniosacral Therapy and Osteopathy in Vermont

Cynthia Beyersdorff
Adults - Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy and Biodynamic Osteopathy for Adults

Gentle and Lasting Pain Relief from Head to Toe

The craniosacral system comprises the brain, the spine and the sacrum as well as the entire nervous system. The health of the craniosacral system is paramount to the health of our entire body. If this system has dysfunction, we begin to experience aches and pains of all sorts and our organs begin to cause us problems.

Craniosacral Treatment for a Healthy Brain & for a Balanced Nervous, Hormone and Immune System – Free From Pain

The craniosacral system has an internal rhythm which originates from alternating pressure levels within the fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This fluid is otherwise known as liquor. The rhythm of the fluid within the cranosacral system is intimately connected to the health of the brain and the functioning of the entire nervous, immune and hormonal systems. For this reason, dysfunctions in the craniosacral system can lead to a large variety of symptoms all over the body: headaches, migraines, backaches, neck pain, muscle pain, joint pain, autism, epilepsy, immune deficiency, constipation, problems getting pregnant to name just a few. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a very gentle, non-invasive and balancing technique with powerful and lasting outcomes .

A 60-Minute Treatment Which Addresses the Cause of Illness

A craniosacral treatment has three steps: In step one, the patient describes his/her symptoms and the possible origins of illness. In step two, Cynthia gently palpates to evaluate the strain and lesion patterns in the patient to understand the interconnections and causes of the symptoms the patient is presenting. In step three, the actual treatment takes place which takes roughly 60 minutes. The goal of the treatment is to not just treat the symptoms of illness, but to locate and eliminate the cause of the symptoms.

Gentle Mobilization of the Head, Neck and Spine to Release Tension and Improve Circulation

Cynthia´s treatment is gentle and focusses on activating and balancing the craniosacral rhythm. She also gently mobilizes the bones of head , neck and spine. Treating multiple key points along the spine releases tension out of the nervous system, induces increased local micro-circulation and activates the self-healing and self-regulating powers throughout the body.

Also Specialized in the Treatment of Internal Organs, the Fascial Tissue, Muscles, Joints and Bones

Treating the nervous, immune and hormonal system with Craniosacral Therapy and Biodynamic Osteopathy is the heart of Cynthia's work as a therapist. She is also specialized in the treatment of internal organs, the fascial tissue, muscles, joints and bones.

“A traditional Osteopathic treatment ends in wholeness.”

James Jealous D.O.

Founder of Biodynamic Osteopathy